Happy Women’s Day – An ESY Exclusive

ESY READ reinvents to bring you new stories of strength , hope and POSsibilities ! Our first of such a feature is about Hita Prem , a young brave and beautiful entrepreneur who found strength to pave her way forward despite unexpected challenges life threw at her . Suffering from multiple scelorosis to embracing a product that many would consider taboo.
Read now – Hita Prem : A Story of Strength

2020 has been a year about going back home and going back to our roots and thus we are also going back to our roots and are proud to bring back our featured magazine ESY Read. This year has been a challenging one for us all and we are proud to highlight the people that have helped us navigate it in the February 2021 edition of ESY Read.

ESY Read – Vol-III

ESY Read – Vol-II

ESY Read Vol-I

We are happy to anonunce the launch of our in-house edited Magazine – “ESY Read” which will be highlighting our partners and employees and their vast range of experience and knowledge that helped them get to the pinnacle of their industry. Read on to know more!