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Amazing prints at affordable cost is the driving slogan for ESY India.”

- Mr. V. P. Sajeevan, CEO, ESY India

Within 3 year of its establishment, ESY India has made its presence felt in Indian market with very innovative and affordable solutions. The company is gradually introducing new products for Indian consumers. VP Sajeevan, CEO, ESY India shares his current market growth and upcoming channel plans with DT.

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Q: How was the journey of ESY India since its establishment in India?

A: ESY India was launched as a 100% subsidiary of ESY Group Malaysia in the year 2012. ESY India launched ESYINK in India in the last quarter of 2012 to address the affordability factor of home and office printing. ESYINK CISS (Continuous Ink Supply Systems) could bring down the cost of printing by 90% and made colour printing very much affordable. Amazing Prints at Affordable cost is the driving slogan for ESY India and customers who are using the same are vouching the slogan. ESYINK is specially developed ink for Canon PIXMA Printers and now more than 4 lakhs customers in India are enjoying the power of low cost printing.

We then launched an innovative device called ESYCAST for HDMi WiFi Streaming. ESYCAST was an instant success in the market due to built in Wi-Fi router,Streaming speed and universal OS supporting function. ESY India could launch ESYPOWER powerbank – smallest in size but offer longest power back up.

Q: What are the products you are offering to Indian customers? How are you managing Ink and accessories portfolio?

A: ESY India is offering ESYINK for low cost printing for homes and offices, ESYCAST for Wireless streaming from your Mobile phone, Tablet and PC to Television or Projectors and ESYPOWER power banks for these who look for long term power back up.

ESYINK is developed exclusively for Canon PIXMA Printers. Canon is the second largest Inkjet Printer brand in India.ESYINK Canon PIXMA combo could offer a brilliant solution for low cost printing at homes and offices that too in colour. Since ESYINK is developed exclusively for Canon PIXMA printers the same is sold only through the Canon authorized distributors and retailers.

Q: How do you sell your products? Brief about your distribution model.

A: Part of the strategy ESY India promotes high quality CISS solutions only for Canon PIXMA Printers in India. The first step taken was investing in setting up robust channel network and developing competent after sales support system across the country. Now ESY INDIA have nearly 5000 retail partners across the country who are selling ESYINK CISS and Ink Chargers. ESY India has 90 and more city /region distributors to cater 580 towns in India. Though we have received lucrative opportunities to promote ESYINK through E-stores we are cautious so as to not upset our channel fraternity, who is our backbone of success. We have 2 different models in ESYCAST that address different segments. The consumer device is promoted on Online and B2B platforms, through theSystem Integrating (SI) Channel. ESY India have 30 SI’s partners across the country.

Q: What are your upcoming channel plans? Will you be appointing new partners?

A: ESY India will be launching POS Printers soon under ESY Aclasbrand. This would be promoted exclusively though IT and POS distribution channel. We will be appointing new partners where we do not have prominent presence.

Q: What are your efforts in creating product awareness among partners and consumers?

A: ESY India focuses on digital media for consumer awareness and partner engagement. ESY India strongly believe in BIBLE (Before I Buy Live Experience)approach and we are present in almost all product exhibitions in the country. Also BIBLE driven roadshows are conducted in high streets and consumer catchment area like malls and big events. We are launching a special program called ESY Speed (Service Partners Earning Enhancement Drive) for our service partners and ESY Champ for our partner’s sales people.

Q: How do you assure better service support to your customers? What all investment you have planned for this?

A: We have full-fledged training centers in all major 8 Cities and exclusive training department headed by a national head.We have created a concept called EEE (ESYINDIA Efficient Engineer) who will have comprehensive training from us. We have more than 950 EEE across the country today. ESY India offers smart services to empower customers to resolve minor issues with voice guiding process or online support. Toll free number for ESY HELP is opened for logging complaints that require EEE visit.

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